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What is VDA and what is Intermediate (M.P.C) + job opportunity

The Primary course of instruction with Academy pertains to Defence Oriented course such as NDA/CDS (UPSC), NAVEL ENGG (including written and SSB Interview Coaching), ARTIFICER APPRENTICE, DOCK YARD APPRENTICE, NAVY SAILORS, AIRFORCE TECHNICAL / NON TECHNICAL, ARMY, SAINIK, MILITARY SCHOOLS & RIMC. deca 300

The secondary course pertains to 2 years Intermediate (MPC) from State Intermediate Board of Education with parallel free coaching for all Defence Jobs.

VDA is a job getting device. It is a 21 years old institute that utilities about 1000 students hours every day to achieve. One objective i.e. Job! From zero to 8456 Job holders in just 21 years speaks something about the institute, about the institute, volume.

Your friends and parents believe EAMCET is the only career and also some parents force their children to take ITI & Polytechnic as the career for job security in future. Because they have plenty of time to fear for your career in future. But no time to spend on Career Guidance books. buy deca

Your parents are hard pressed in job works, to earn your bread and butter and money for your education. Sometimes they go for loans even for your education. All at what Cost? At the cost of their blood, sweat and sleepless nights. But if the same education of yours doesn't get EAMCET or degree's of your's doesn't get jobs. What is your parents fate. Put in their shoes and think once.


Don't let this happen to you.

Time is one of our most precious resources. It is also possible the only one, once lost, can never be retrieved.

But the tragedy is, in your age you think, you know everything and need to learn nothing.

After completing school, they enter University without first thinking of career and ascertaining whether or not a University degree is absolutely essential, and if it is, the kind of degree required. In many cases a University degree is not necessary, and those who go through the trouble of acquiring one, merely waste of precious time and their parents money.

If you are planning for two years, join other colleges.

If you are planning for 100 years, join VDA.


  • Boys of the present generation after completing Xth class, Intermediate are in confuse to select their future, also if they disqualify in EAMCET, they have to face many problems to settle in the future. As such they spend lot of time and money on some few courses like, I.T.I. Diploma, Computer, Typing etc. But our Intermediate (M.P.C) both media, courses puts your son in a respectable job.
  • Strict DISCIPLINE is observed by Ex-Defence personnel and High Quality Coaching is assured.
  • Weekly Tests and progress reports are maintained.
  • Teaching by most experienced lecturers.
  • We promise success and bright future for your son


  • Absent, leave letter: If the student does not attend to college due to any reason the absent to be informed to Parent / Guardian by the Ph.No.2540294 on the same day between 8 am to 10 am. As and when any student fails to attend the college, absent is to be regularised with supporting leave letter duly signed by the parent / guardian.
  • R.T.C. Bus Pass: We provide R.T.C. bus pass to our intermediate students.
  • Progress Report: Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Surprise, Half yearly, 2nd Half yearly, Jan & Feb daily exam report and 2 hope exams, practical
  • Test Report will be posted immediately after the exams, every week to the parents.
  • Parent: Make your son a steel in the infrastructural back bone of our country.

Vizag Defence Academy admits boys in the residential cum non-residential college for JUNIOR & SENIOR INTER (M.P.C.) in English & Telugu Medium and imparts free coaching for the Entrance Examination of:

  • NDA (National Defence Academy), Naval Executive Branch, Naval Engineering Branch & Army Engineering Branch including SSB INTERVIEWS which take place twice in a year to become Commissioned Officers under the pay band up to Rs.69,000 - Rs.90,000 PM
  • For NDA PILOT aspirants we also give training for the Pilot Aptitude Battery Tests which takes place once in life period for a candidate.
  • AIRMEN TECHNICAL AND NON-TECHNICAL, AIRMEN MTD Trades, NAVY SAILORS, ARTIFICIER APPRENTICE & DOCKYARD APPRENTICE, ARMY, GD, TECH., Clerks, SKTs and also Naval Coast Guards, which takes place twice in a year to become Non Commissioned Officer ranks under the pay band upto Rs.15,061/- to 27,368/- PM.

Thus the boys will have the twin benefits of completing intermediate under the senior Lecturers of Andhra Pradesh along with a job oriented training and bright chances for getting a job. They do not have to waste any time and money, searching for a job at a later stage.

We promise a job for every student who joins in our college. For example a student who gets no Job in his 2 years of Inter (MPC) study, he can continue the job course classes till he gets job " no time bar , no extra fees " for a maximum period of one year. It is VDA responsibility for students 100% job success. But the student should not involve in any indiscipline. Indiscipline student will not be given the above privilege.

We run separate sections for Inter (MPC) Telugu Medium Student. Jobs coaching we give in English & Telugu to make students understand better. The jobs success rate of these students is equal to the English medium students.

  • Junior College Division: VDA's Priyadarshini Junior College is recognized by Government of A.P. and affiliated to Board of Intermediate Education (A.P.) vide Rc.No. 47(A) E3-4/94-95 & Visakha Dairy Jr. College is recognized by Government of A.P. affiliated to Board of Intermediate Education (A.P.) vide Rc.No.409/E3-4/97-98. To check the progress of the students and prepare them for Intermediate (MPC) Defence Jobs Exam Written, Oral, Practical and SSB Interviews tests will be conducted every week. Students should attend these tests without fail. Monthly confidential reports / daily attendance / weekly assignment reports will be sent to the parents / guardians in order to meet them informed of the attendance, progress on study etc., of the students during the course. Regular attendance is must for every student, if any student fails to attend a minimum of 90% attendance in exams and 80% in attendance, he will not be allowed to appear for the examination.
  • Class strength: 50 to 55
  • Timing: Monday to Saturday
    Vizag Defence Academy Residential Junior College: 8 am to 5 pm
    Vizag Defence Academy Intensive Job Courses: 8 am to 5 pm
    Vizag Defence Academy SSB Interviews Classes: 4 pm to 8 pm
    Monday (for college & job courses): Weekly Test
  • College Uniform: Monday to Friday
    1st Inter & IInd Inter: Navy Blue Trouser & Half Sleeve Shirt, Black Shoes with Navy Blue Socks. Shirt should be tucked into pant. The uniform should be as designed as per Vizag Defence Academy.
    Saturday: Civil Clothes
    Job Courses: No Uniform (Civil Dress) A student once admitted as a boarder has to continue for a minimum period of one year and cannot be converted as a Day Scholar during that year boarder should pay total Hostel fee and 1st Term mess fees at the time of admission.
  • Rules & Regulations: A high standard of discipline is maintained at all the time. A minimum of 80% attendance is required for a student to be eligible for promotion. Students will be detained for shortage of attendance inspite of good academic performance. Student may be dismissed from school / college for irregular attendance, unsatisfactory progress, poor academic performances or for involving in any act of indiscipline in matter of discipline and interpretation of the VDA rules, the director / principal decision and action will be final and binding on the student and parent / guardian. Parent / guardian should visit the institute whenever called for. In case if the parent / guardian is not responded to the call within the given time, their ward is liable for suspension till parent / guardian responds.
  • Boarding Houses: The boys live in houses. Each house has a master's residence attached to it. The house matter looks after the personnel, physical and emotional needs and welfare of the boys. Each house also has masters attached to it as tutors to assist the boys in their studies during evening self study periods.
  • Boys Mess: Boys take their meals in spacious common dining hall. Both vegetarian & Non-vegetarian as served in the mess. Master of the academy dine with them to train them in self service, ensure polite behaviour of dining hall / table and maintain discipline during meals. They also teach the boys proper eating habits and correct table manners. Due care is taken to provide a balance and nourishing diet.
  • Physical Training: All boys take part in physical training including Gym. The academy has adequate outdoor site for physical training.
  • Modern Educational Aids: Apart from using innovative techniques to impart education, the academy has education aids like overhead projector, VCR & TVs.
  • Staff: The director / principal the chief executive and academic head of the academy. He is defence short service officer of the rank Flight lieutenant of Indian Air Force. He is assisted by correspondent / headmistress in academics and office-in-charge in administration. The teaching staff is highly qualified and experienced senior lecturers who have aptitude for Residential Colleges. Besides there is also a sizeable staff to cater to the administrative need of the college.
  • Extra curricular and Co-curricular Activities: A large number of these activities such as debates, declamations, quiz competitions, group discussions, group plannings, lectures etc. are held regularly throughout the year. Indoor Activities: We have a lengthy indoor stadium for cultural activities and indoor sports like dancing, boxing, karate, chess, carams, T.T. etc.,
  • Library: The academy has a good reading room cum library and the facility exists for issuing books to the boys in the afternoon. Newspaper and magazines are available for reading.
  • Doctor: The academy has a full time doctor, all the boys are subjected to periodical medical checkup.
  • Other State: Special attention towards discipline, food habits of other state students.
  • With Drawls: With drawls are not permitted during the course of a term. A term notice is required before a student is with drawn from the institute. A terms fees has to be paid in lieu of such notice. Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances even if the student does not attend the academy for one day.
  • 10% fee hike will be there in IInd year intermediate.

Psychologically speaking both for 1st, 2nd inter (M.P.C) 2 months of a year is for intensive rigorous coaching for all defence jobs including NDA.

SSB INTERVIEW : After coaching defence jobs including NDA, SSB coaching schedule covers 20 working days. Which involves 200 hours intensive rigorous coaching based on prescribed techniques. To ease assimilation the coaching schedule is divided into : i) Screening Test ii) Psychology iii) Group Testing Techniques (Indoor & Outdoor) interview techniques. iv) Officer like qualities vi) Piolot aptitude battery test (for pilot aspirants) Balance months of the year is Junior/Senior inter classes.

GYM Practice : Body building exercises are conducted in the college Gym as per requirement.

Physical Exam : Once in a week physical practice is given under the same lines of defence job's physical fitness test.

REGISTRATION PROCEDURE : Candidates seeking Admission into any Courese should register their names on payment of Rs. 10000/- & Medical Registration Fee 2000/-

Note : The academy does not give guarantee that the boys will be Medical fit at the service medical board at the time of selection. Our medical test is only to reduce the medical rejections at the selection boards.

FEES : Junior Intermediate students selected for jobs should pay the Academy tution fees of both the year of Jr. & Sr. Intermediate before leaving the academy for training and Residential fee of 1st academic year in full before leaving to job.